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Ece191/291 proposal:
G.R.O.B.I. (Gizmo remote operated Bluetooth interface)

a)The project consists in developing the necessary software and designing the required hardware to control the Gizmo truck remotely through a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Both software and Bluetooth modules installed in the Gizmo truck. Gizmo will be required to respond to two different kinds of input commands.

First, Gizmo will respond to "pushed button events" on the phone keypad; being #2 for forward, #8 for backward, and so on, (extra fun feature could be added as honk if the "#" button is press or trigger the webcam to take a picture and post it somewhere on the web if the "*" button is pressed (Gizmo truck comes with network capabilities).

Second, the Gizmo truck will be enabled to respond to voice commands. The Nokia Symbian OS Bluetooth phones have speech recognition APIs which will be used to convert speech to Gizmo commands.

In both cases the phones will need to be programmed in order to send the right message through the Bluetooth channel to the Gizmo Bluetooth module which will make the motor start and the wheels turn.

b) Goals:
• Create software able to control the Gizmo truck through the a Bluetooth enabled cell phone keypad.
• Create software able to control the Gizmo truck through voice commands.
• Design and integrate the necessary hardware.

c) This project is another step towards the final goal of creating an autonomous multi radio platform that can be control through different kinds of interfaces and can be used for a immense variety of different kind of application (i.e. disaster response environments, RF mapping, educational purposes,...).

d) This project will fall into Robust Communication/Extreme Networking systems and media access control protocols for wireless communication systems.

e) The students will be using the Gizmo Trucks and a Nokia phone that we already have. A Bluetooth module would need to be purchased to install in the truck. None of the less, new ideas coming from the team member could lead in ordering new parts.

Project mentor: Javier Rodriguez Molina and Paul Blair
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